Blahg is one year old today; so is my web site.  The site has had nearly six thousand hits since I started counting, a few weeks after the launch.  I realize that isn’t much in cyberspace, but it’ll do nicely.

Anniversaries (or birthdays) are brief pauses in our lives, occasions made to look back at where we came from, to be fully present in the current moment, and, above all, to look towards the future.

To look back, here is an eerily prophetic piece I published three days after Blahg launched, on April 23, 2007.  I’ve put the most prophetic passages in bold.

For the present, here is a link to a piece sent by a good friend today, with the words, “I thought of you.”  (It’s well worth reading, but have patience; on a few pages, the link to advance is a bit slow to appear. Mouse over the text on those!)

For the future, I am now publishing simultaneously here and at my old Blahg, in anticipation of moving Blahg here, permanently, soon.

Even if I appear to be in my old life for awhile, trust me:

It’s a new life for me.

Hence this new location. 

Thanks so much for coming along on my ride.