Blahg Gone, Blahg On


OK: This is it.  

Blahg has now moved permanently here, to WordPress. 

After a year of just winging it intuitively (basically the way I begin any new mode of expression), I’ve been thinking over what blogging means to me.  It’s opened me to a wider world, to new people and continued contact with old friends.  For this deafened person, blogging has become an unexpectedly satisfying way to be connected…sort of a substitute for a corner pub, in an odd, time-delayed way, where I can hear effortlessly, relax, drop all pretensions, and just be myself.  

I definitely want that to continue, but I need to experiment with a change in how it will keep working best for me.

WordPress allows selected individual posts to be password-protected.  I intend to keep Blahg public for the most part; the new pub will still be open to anyone who walks in.  But, every once in awhile, I will protect a post, and essentially gather with a group of friends in the back room.

If you would like to join me in the password-protected back room, you can do one of two things: Leave a comment after this post (only I will see your e-mail address), and I’ll contact you.  Or, if you have one of my addresses, e-mail me and tell me who you are. 


I hope you’ll continue to hang with me here at the new pub for the odd dram, a bit of conversation, a song, some dancing or the occasional game of darts.


5 thoughts on “Blahg Gone, Blahg On

  1. I completely understand your need to protect yourself. I have a tenure-line position, but I’m not eligible for tenure for another five years, so I must publish my own weblog under an assumed name.
    We haven’t met, but you’ve been in residence with two dear friends of mine. I’ve been reading your ‘blahg’ regularly and I would be honored to be permitted to join you in the back room.

  2. june 2006 Lady started our blog. i asked her why she would want to do such a thing. now i’m hooked on daily blogging. and i can’t wait to start reading our almost 1,000 blogs and 2,000 plus pictures thru 10 countries in the past 23 months.

    have a daily text & foto track of our adventures, and the daily blogging has honed my writing and thinking skills tremendously.

    blog on.

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