Back To The Future

I had a great weekend, doing things at a relaxed, leisurely pace, simply for pleasure. 

Saturday was warm and expansive, a small gathering at a friend’s lovely house, with a few long-time Ragdale friends. Good company, good food, just enough wine, and great continuous conversation in a setting I could easily hear in, and Tarot readings, too.  Mine was excellent, all about successful new directions…and about having almost too many choices!

That too many choices aspect came into play immediately on Sunday, during my annual visit to my favorite, funky, huge sprawling garden center, among the spring weekend crowds.  There are 15 Quonset-hut-like greenhouses, surrounded by cold frames and masses of outdoor plant displays as well. No matter how crowded it gets, no one’s ever in a bad mood among all that blooming life. I spent a few hours there, selecting what will be added to this year’s garden: seeds, bulbs, an entire flat of the cleome I love (Paul calls them my ‘alien plants’), purple feather grass, six new perennials. Paul cooked a fine dinner on the grill, while I cheerfully plotted where all the new plants would go.  And, spending Sunday doing that guarantees me another enjoyable day this week, of planting.

Mundane stuff, I know, but such times are all too unusual in my life, particularly at this juncture. I’d like more days like those, just living pleasurably in real time. Today, though, it’s back to a series of meetings about the future.  Part of tomorrow will be spent wrapping up paperwork concerning the immediate future, for a small batch of shows coming up. Then, the rest of the week is free for finishing up the latest copies of (S)Edition, planting, and to finish getting ready for Scotland.


(photo: the early spring garden – one of ’em)

2 thoughts on “Back To The Future

  1. YAY!!! Other people who fully appreciate garden work and plants, and get to do the work and spend time w/the plants, are my favorite new thing to hear about. It just makes me all-around happy.

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