Fastest Blog (Somewhere) In The World

I’m having great fun in Edinburgh, except for one nagging fact. The universe doesn’t want me to be online unless I pay at least £2 (a little over $4) an hour, which I’m doing at the Easy Internet Cafe on Rose Street.  I chose the guest house I’m staying in because it has wireless; it does.  The wireless hardware recognizes it and says I’m connected, but the two browsers I have on my MacBook keep telling me I’m not online.  I know I can connect in the UK, because I’ve just come from a Starbucks, where I tried three different methods to get T-Mobile to accept some kind of exhorbitant payment.  It wouldn’t let me, but it was a web site and I did get there.  Easy Internet Cafe has no wireless, but about 150 PCs, and that’s what I’m using. Sigh.

I can live without publishing a blog for three weeks, but this situation is a wee bit scary because all of Scotland does its bookings online, and it’s cheaper than doing it by phone or in person.  So I’ve got to do a lot of that tonight, and I’ll have to figure out my entire itinerary tomorrow. I won’t be able to wing it as I love to do and planned to do.  Sigh.

Edinburgh otherwise is a hoot.  It’s beautiful, fascinating, steeped in history but totally contemporary, hilatiously funny, and both dignified and utterly crass. I wouldn’t have crossed the pond just to visit here, but it’s a good starting point.  (It’s a good starting point physically as well – I have some serious daily climbs and oh, do I feel old.  My legs HURT). I’m taking manymanymany photos, but they don’t do the place justice, can’t convey the scale of things.  And, I won’t get to see everything I wanted, because I’ve got to use most of the rest of my time here to plan the rest of the trip.  Sigh.  I hate having to do that, but the fact that connecting is so tough in a major city has convinced me.  I’m going to places where the major cities might have a few hundred people, so if it’s difficult here it could be impossible in the Orkneys.  I hope I’m proved wrong.

Wish me well, and watch for photos – LOTS of photos – around the first part of June.  Or, if I’m proved wrong – and it would be lovely to be proved wrong – a bit before.  I’d better go make practical use of my ££s.  I just wanted you to know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, just migrated.