Fastest Blog (Somewhere) In The World

I’m having great fun in Edinburgh, except for one nagging fact. The universe doesn’t want me to be online unless I pay at least £2 (a little over $4) an hour, which I’m doing at the Easy Internet Cafe on Rose Street.  I chose the guest house I’m staying in because it has wireless; it does.  The wireless hardware recognizes it and says I’m connected, but the two browsers I have on my MacBook keep telling me I’m not online.  I know I can connect in the UK, because I’ve just come from a Starbucks, where I tried three different methods to get T-Mobile to accept some kind of exhorbitant payment.  It wouldn’t let me, but it was a web site and I did get there.  Easy Internet Cafe has no wireless, but about 150 PCs, and that’s what I’m using. Sigh.

I can live without publishing a blog for three weeks, but this situation is a wee bit scary because all of Scotland does its bookings online, and it’s cheaper than doing it by phone or in person.  So I’ve got to do a lot of that tonight, and I’ll have to figure out my entire itinerary tomorrow. I won’t be able to wing it as I love to do and planned to do.  Sigh.

Edinburgh otherwise is a hoot.  It’s beautiful, fascinating, steeped in history but totally contemporary, hilatiously funny, and both dignified and utterly crass. I wouldn’t have crossed the pond just to visit here, but it’s a good starting point.  (It’s a good starting point physically as well – I have some serious daily climbs and oh, do I feel old.  My legs HURT). I’m taking manymanymany photos, but they don’t do the place justice, can’t convey the scale of things.  And, I won’t get to see everything I wanted, because I’ve got to use most of the rest of my time here to plan the rest of the trip.  Sigh.  I hate having to do that, but the fact that connecting is so tough in a major city has convinced me.  I’m going to places where the major cities might have a few hundred people, so if it’s difficult here it could be impossible in the Orkneys.  I hope I’m proved wrong.

Wish me well, and watch for photos – LOTS of photos – around the first part of June.  Or, if I’m proved wrong – and it would be lovely to be proved wrong – a bit before.  I’d better go make practical use of my ££s.  I just wanted you to know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, just migrated.

5 thoughts on “Fastest Blog (Somewhere) In The World

  1. we were shocked how high the internet costs were in great britain. we did find internet in the smaller villages at the local library.

    hope it works out.

  2. I haven’t been keeping up but I’m adding some comments in lag-time to see what my woodcut icon will look like.

    In the 21st century you couldn’t avoid blogging. When were you ever not a diarist?

    The folks who read their insecurities and intrigues into your words would find the same clues in your gestures, expressions or (worst of all) your art. Self-centered ignorance is so unbecoming.

    Evidence I’m better off lurking, I don’t interact well in this format. Nice look to the site though.

    Let me know when you’ll be in NY and if you’ll pass through CLE on the way back home.

  3. My brother-in-law, who did the Orkneys last August, never had a problem finding a library to connect to — we got emails from some of the most amazing places.

    In Edinburgh, you might also try one of the universities and produce some sort of academic ID for complimentary access….

    (I finally got all my pix up, including the one of you and I at the airport….) 😉

  4. Thanks, all – I already discovered that I can get online in the town libraries in Inverness (limit-one hour) and on Orkney (I’m staying in the old fishing town of Stromness) before I got here today and read this. I also discovered yesterday that I could get an all-day, come and go pass for this cafe while in Edinburgh, for £3 – which works better for me than the library, which closes at 5, like damn near everything else in town but the pubs & (some) restaurants. This place is open till 21:00 and is centrally located, so I can make enquiries, and pop in and out to see if I’ve gotten booked.
    Not sure about Stornoway (Isle of Lewis) but if there’s a library, it’ll be there, it’s the major town. I took a tip from the Smiths & loaded today’s photoblog onto a thumb drive last night. Not as convenient as using my own computer, but I’m learning how to get around it all.
    Heading to the Highlands next!

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