White, Light Highland Night

So it’s my last night with assured wireless access, right here in my room, but I’m too (something) to write.  I’ve been doing, thinking, shooting so much that I can’t encapsulate small chunks of it. Part of this is the phenomenon of the highland nights.  It’s very very far north here, so there are ‘white nights’ in the summers.  From late June to early August, the highlands and northern islands get 19-20 hours of daylight, and it never really gets fully dark.  I’m here for the onset of that.  It gets dark a little after 11pm, very very slowly.  (It’s 10:45 now, and though I just turned on the light to keep typing, the sky is still that just-after-sunset deep blue, with a slight pinkish glow towards the horizon, light enough to clearly see the darker blue clouds there). I’ve been getting up at 7 for the great Scottish breakfasts, and the sun is already high in the sky by then.  This makes for fantastic long evening shadows, gorgeous golden evening light…but it plays tricks on your body clock, and I think mine’s catching up with me today.

In the morning, I go even further north and off the top of Scotland to mainland Orkney.  It’s supposed to be ‘one of the world’s great train journeys’, and then the ferry.  Though I may be a little too late in the spring for it, I am so, so, so hoping to see another atmospheric phenomenon, the aurora borealis, the northern lights…that’s been a lifelong wish.