Amusing (& Not-So-Amusing)

I think the Gaelic translates to something like “Hurry Back” and is not, in fact, a comment on the quality of the food, but I thought it was funny enough to shoot, anyways.  Actually, this place has been in Inverness a long time; I remember being highly amused at seeing it there over fifteen years ago, and thinking that they could at least have called it MacDonald’s.

I am not so amused by the fact that my bag is now five days late.  I’ve been promised delivery twice now and it hasn’t appeared.  Considering that I need to wash all the clothes in it and leave again in four more days, I’m getting mightily pissed off at Virgin Atlantic.  I’ve been calling them daily even though I have largely no idea what they’re saying, but eventually they give me a delivery date that passes by while I wait, postponing lunch dates and other useful things, because I am supposed to be here to accept it.  Linda is right.  It’s not “Heathrow”, it’s “Death Row” for luggage.  Grrrrr.