Serendipity Do Da

I was just on my way out the door to replace the things from The Bag, when the phone rang.  Paul said, “It’s someone at O’Hare. He has The Bag in his hand!” They’ll deliver it at 5 pm, which gives me just enough time to do the laundry in it and repack it.  And to have a dram or three.  Join me!

Here’s to The Year of the Weird.  It would be nice if all the other troubles were solved in a similarly serendipitous manner, yes?  I’ll drink to that.


(Later note: The Bag is here. Some poor pathetic soul in a baggage handling facility somewhere, who obviously went through the entire bag at his or her leisure, stole one wee bottle of whisky, the Bruichladdich.)


Off Again…

I leave tomorrow morning for three weeks in the Catskills.  I’m looking forward to living in the Tower.  It’s a 15 or 16 hour drive, so I’m being sensible and splitting it into two days.  The second half of the route is one I haven’t taken since I was in my twenties, through Pennsylvania.  I’ll stop somewhere in there for the night; and on the way back, I think I might stop in Cleveland again for a day or two.

There is wireless access at Catwalk. The first thing I need to do there is organize all the material that I have from Scotland, including hundreds of photos, so while I’m doing that, I’ll also put a great many of them on Flickr.  Unfortunately, most of my sketches and research notes are in The Bag, so there’ll be some duplication of effort; I’ll have to do more web research.  But I’ll be able to, and that’s good.

Typical of this strange year, most of the week home was wasted, spent fruitlessly dealing with a frustrating setback not of my own making (The Bag).  But I did get things done; a lot of writing, letters of reference for some good folks, and taking care of details and contracts for shows, and laying the groundwork for some future possibilities and directions.  I also actually did some bookbinding for a friend. This was good, as it was quite calming, and helpful for offsetting the steadily increasing stress of The Bag search. I made a little leather-bound variation on a structure I’d invented years ago for myself, a tough book made to fit in a back pocket that will withstand all sorts of the rough treatment I inevitably give to my personal sketchbooks.

There’s still a lot to do before I load up the car, including running out to replace things that are in The Bag, so it’ll be a fiercely busy day, and I’m off to get to it. 

While I’m driving, I’m going to keep the top image in my mind, and that, I hope, will make the trip as smooth as the sailing was on that day, from Eilean Leodhais to the Mainland. Even though I was sad about leaving and didn’t want to go, the Minch was calm, beautiful and steady.

(PS – Happy Birthday to Paul! – it was yesterday).