Off Again…

I leave tomorrow morning for three weeks in the Catskills.  I’m looking forward to living in the Tower.  It’s a 15 or 16 hour drive, so I’m being sensible and splitting it into two days.  The second half of the route is one I haven’t taken since I was in my twenties, through Pennsylvania.  I’ll stop somewhere in there for the night; and on the way back, I think I might stop in Cleveland again for a day or two.

There is wireless access at Catwalk. The first thing I need to do there is organize all the material that I have from Scotland, including hundreds of photos, so while I’m doing that, I’ll also put a great many of them on Flickr.  Unfortunately, most of my sketches and research notes are in The Bag, so there’ll be some duplication of effort; I’ll have to do more web research.  But I’ll be able to, and that’s good.

Typical of this strange year, most of the week home was wasted, spent fruitlessly dealing with a frustrating setback not of my own making (The Bag).  But I did get things done; a lot of writing, letters of reference for some good folks, and taking care of details and contracts for shows, and laying the groundwork for some future possibilities and directions.  I also actually did some bookbinding for a friend. This was good, as it was quite calming, and helpful for offsetting the steadily increasing stress of The Bag search. I made a little leather-bound variation on a structure I’d invented years ago for myself, a tough book made to fit in a back pocket that will withstand all sorts of the rough treatment I inevitably give to my personal sketchbooks.

There’s still a lot to do before I load up the car, including running out to replace things that are in The Bag, so it’ll be a fiercely busy day, and I’m off to get to it. 

While I’m driving, I’m going to keep the top image in my mind, and that, I hope, will make the trip as smooth as the sailing was on that day, from Eilean Leodhais to the Mainland. Even though I was sad about leaving and didn’t want to go, the Minch was calm, beautiful and steady.

(PS – Happy Birthday to Paul! – it was yesterday).


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