Be Here Now

Midnight oil time travel terminal.

I’ve now spent a couple of days time traveling into the future, or at least casting lines out there.  It wasn’t as much fun as traveling back to Lewis, but it will be grand when I get there.

I haven’t put my Scotland photos on Flickr yet, because the wireless here is just plain weird.  The signal is strong, but it periodically just cuts out.  Dies.  It did that three times during Flickr uploads, and I lost them, so I gave up.  It was much easier to just post a few images on Blahg while time traveling.  Wordpress saves as you compose, even uploaded photos, so the blahgs survive the crashes.

This was the future-time travel: I’ve been nominated for a very nice grant.  Getting the application finished was not at all nice, due to said wireless crashes, as well as some  frustrating formatting on the required form.  It took almost two days!  But it’s done now, sent in just under the wire (whew).

And, I got selected to receive a different, very fine residency and grant for next summer!  It’s a two-tiered process, and now it has to be approved by the funding people.  I won’t know for sure till November, so I won’t give the details yet.  But, trust me, it’s sweet, a good shot in the arm.

Keep your fingers crossed (for both) for me, please!  These things could go a long way towards helping me step into  my New Life, aka: The Future.

Our hosts are also sweet, and fun, too.  The two collaborating artists left last weekend, and a nice and funny young painter, Chae, came in their place; she’ll leave when I do.  We’ve been hanging out a bit in the evenings, checking out places in Catskill.  Our hosts took us both to dinner in Hudson on Wednesday, which was a blast, and we got a jaw-dropping tour of the first floor of their truly amazing house afterwards.

They also had a possible explanation for the existence of the Tower: they thought that the original Victorian builder might have wanted to periodically climb up there so he could feel like the lord of the manor, surveying his domain. (When they bought the place, there weren’t even any stairs in there, though.  There was a huge TV antenna on the top floor, with no way to get to it.)

We’re being urged to network while we’re here, and so, I’m scheduled to meet some artfolks next week with my hostess. She’s also coming with me when I go to get a tour and meet some of the people at Women’s Studio Workshop.  It’s only 45 minutes away, and it’s a great, venerable place that I’ve never been to, so I’m really looking forward to finally seeing it.  

There’s been some art progress, though nothing I want to show or talk about yet.  And I’m trying really hard to photograph at least one of the wild turkeys that populate the area.  I’ve seen a great number of them, but they see me, too, and take off like huge gawky missiles before I can click the camera open. 

So, that’s all there is.  I’m back, and starting now, I intend to (try to) remain in the present. 

(At least for the rest of the summer).

2 thoughts on “Be Here Now

  1. past? present? future? too many.


    I’m normally normal
    but just not now
    and it’s always now

    there’re two times:
    there’s now,
    not now

    not today

    it’s never tomorrow

    that’s why I’m nearly normal
    nominally now

    – Steve & Kathy Ireland Smith – 5.11.2006

  2. O I keep forgetting about all these sites! I am going to dig into your flicker site soon. I’m gonna start one for us, too, but it’s just so much work!

    title of this post compels me to post an excerpt of this poem:

    from Now Zen (by Smith)

    It aint age.
    It ain’t sex.
    It ain’t race, religion, height,
    gender, color, class or learning.

    It’s path, progress and position.
    The road not not taken.
    Be here now.
    Hear now
    o eyes unseeing
    o ears unearned.



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