The Story of My Life (and Blahg)

Sometimes, I am Not Too Smart.  (Or, as my old dear departed friend Mr. Ed used to say, I am “three fries short of a Happy Meal”).  In fact, perhaps it’s most of the time.

I started blogging with absolutely no plan on my Mac site. It quickly became a great way to keep in touch with the four or five long-time friends who immediately started reading; we’re far-flung geographically. Then a few old friends I thought I’d lost touch with found me, and we reunited, and that was a bit of sweet unexpected icing on the Blahg cake.  Then it became apparent that some book artists were reading after viewing the web site, and I made some new friends; also very, very good. Some folks put my work on their blogs or web sites; excellent. A few students told me they were reading, so I became even more consciously careful about what I wrote. Then, I found out that other people were reading with deliberate, specific ill intentions.  Not so good.

So, I moved to WordPress, because I could password-protect posts when I felt I needed to update my actual friends on various situations. And then, I went to Scotland.

Being Not Too Smart, I’ve suddenly  just now realized how very public WordPress is, by looking at the blog stats and seeing that there are a lot of folks popping in to glance at my blethering via the ‘tags’ (I deliberately don’t use ‘tags’, but apparently ‘categories’ work the same way).  This has been rather nice so far; welcome. For one thing, I found this hilarious story because these folks linked to blahg (I’m going to buy the book, too. I’m envious of their experiences. Well, except for being sexually attractive to a sheep, which somehow reminds me of my younger pub days). 

I’m just feeling Not Too Smart because I didn’t realize this would happen. I admit it.

And THAT is pretty much the story of my life:

Forge ahead blindly on faith, find a great path, hit a wall (or, have one flung at me), adjust, find a way around said wall or discover a completely new and better path that simply ignores the wall.

Works for me.  So, I guess I don’t care if I’m Not Too Smart. At least I’m never bored.

Many thanks to (almost) everyone who’s stopped by!



4 thoughts on “The Story of My Life (and Blahg)

  1. I don’t think you’re Not Too Smart at all. Besides, blogging is still something that’s very young and I don’t think that anyone yet has a really good sense of the big picture and ramifications of this newly ubiquitous activity.

    I was going to say something else but feel too woozy from jet lag to string together any more coherent sentences.

  2. Ah yes, “three fries short of a Happy Meal”: in the days before Happy Meals, such a person would have been described as “their elevator only stops at floors with prime numbers”….


  3. if you lay out your life in on-line posts, you gotta accept the bottom feeders slithering around.

    i figure some folk read me because they like me, while others read me because they hate me. all i know is over 1,500 peple a day stop by, and i certainly don’t know that many folk.

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