Real-Time Travel; last day in Catskill

Tomorrow’s my last day here, and it will be busy.  Chae Eun and I are going into Catskill to pick up packing supplies (and road food) and take photos, then we meet Purcell for lunch and a last bit of “networking” (something to do with Art Omi and a visit to a paper artist) and then, back here to pack up and load the car.  I want to head out very early Sunday morning.

I may not be stopping in Cleveland, or at least only overnight.  There’s been bad news from Chicago.  On Wednesday, Purcell took Chae Eun and me to the Saugerties lighthouse (beautiful); we had a picnic there, and stopped for ice cream at one of the ubiquitous and excellent roadside stands. I came back late to find a number of e-mails and text and voice messages.  An old and very dear friend and mentor is gravely ill (and so is another, which I learned last week, though she is recuperating). I think I need to get home and be with the others who care deeply about these remarkable people.  It’s a sad time. Thursday was spent on long sad phonecalls, trying to hear while waiting for 35 people from the Wadsworth (or was it Boston?) Athenium to climb up to the Tower.  They were here in the main house, but never made it upstairs, for which I am glad; I was not in a good frame of mind for “networking”.

Other than the sadness of these events, it’s been a good residency; productive in planning and sketching, and unexpectedly productive in other ways.  I needed what solitude I could get, to simply slow down and process everything that happened in the past two months before I got here. (I arrived here exactly two months from the day I learned that I’d been shot down; it seems like a year at least).

When I get back to Chicago, besides rallying with my friends, I’ll need to hit the ground running.  I’ll have two weeks to pack and ship out a huge number of artworks for three shows, beat a lot of fiber and make several hundred sheets in the back yard, finish up as many more of the (S)Edition books as I can for a fourth September show, and beat even more fiber to take to Jentel…and, very likely, effect the largest change, so far, of the New Life.

So, blahgs might be short and sweet or even nonexistent.  I found another entire blahg from the second or third day in Edinburgh; it somehow got buried in a job application folder. Though it’s not a great one, I’ll leave you with a little more time travel. 

Just in case you thought I was getting too cultured, what with this networking stuff and all.

4 thoughts on “Real-Time Travel; last day in Catskill

  1. life never stops, do it. once thought life was an apprenticeship process where one works on getting better, gets better, and life gets easier. i keep trying, keep getting better, keep getting fluxed-up by life anyway.

  2. I certainly don’t measure my life in how fast I knit or spin (I know people who do: blech!) or how often I post (which ain’t very, although I got motivated today….): life’s just too freakin’ short.

    So long as you still answer emails. 🙂

  3. wow. godspeed getting back to chicago. there’s always something. but you’ve been riding the very rough and rocky waves really well. i don’t know how you keep it up and keep your head above water!! it’s pretty amazing.

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