Holiday On Drugs

I guess I’m starting a new, personal fourth of July tradition. I’m buzzed out on vicodin again.  This year, I’m mightily sick as well, from an infected tooth and sinus cavity. I was supposed to have a root canal yesterday, but was too messed up to have it done.  Paul’s out filling a prescription for me for antibiotics, and I am going to willingly take them, so you know I’m sick.  (These are, apparently, the only kind I can take; my dentist prescribed them years ago and there were no strange side effects, though I’m told many, many other folks have to avoid these).  This dentist actually listens when I tell him of my odd reactions to meds. He also has an ASL interpreter on staff, and actually knows how to interact with a lip-reader.  If I could find a medical doctor like that…sigh.

Much has been happening, simultaneously heartbreaking, gut-punched sad, and yet, life affirming at the highest levels.  Can’t write about it now.

But every bit of it also makes my direction clearer.

Water of Leith, Edinburgh

3 thoughts on “Holiday On Drugs

  1. Ayeeee. I’m so sorry to hear about the havoc going on in your head! I hope you clear up soon and that the root canal after that goes smoothly.

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