Hielan’ Coo

Hmmm…I just got a comment from an old friend who was confused over two references to the Heilan Coo, in regards to my hair. Oops, sorry: that’s a little cultural chauvinism there on my part; again, it’s something I grew up with. This is a good place to see a Heilan’ Coo, actually a few of them, which I guess would be Heilan’ Kine. (It also helps to know that, oh, for about 15 years, when I was younger, I was plagued by the voices of adult relatives, telling me to get my hair out o’ me eyes).

Action Figure


I called this “The Guernica Tree” in Edinburgh

Basically moving at the speed of light now, moving mountains of stuff as I go.  Packing art, shipping, paperwork, beating fiber, laundry, unpacking & repacking clothes, materials, tools. Trying to finish all in time for one quick visit to Ragdale, where three old friends are currently in residence, one more trip to the hospital.  Zoom zoom zoom.

Next stop, Jentel, for a final month of peace and art in 2008. I am to arrive there July 15. Same road (I-90), different direction.

On the way back, hopefully a stop for a day or two in another place I used to live, many, many, many moons ago: Rapid City, South Dakota.  There are places in the Paha Sapa, (the Black Hills), that are utterly sacred.  I want to return, before I return to…well, what I must return to. (I remember driving back to Ohio from sunny SoDak all those years ago, and getting stuck in Chicago during rush hour, and thinking, “I could never live in such a place!”)

At night, though, through it all, I am still in the isles in my dreams, sometimes Lewis, sometimes Orkney. I can still smell the air, and feel it, and I sleep well.