Art Infomercial!

That’s Life, 2005.  Copyright Melissa Jay Craig.  (Illinois State Museum Gallery)

I’m WAY behind, due to the Building Of Too Many Specialized Crates, Missing Artwork, and other factors I will not name. It should all be alleviated today or early tomorrow morning.  By this afternoon, I will have packed up and shipped 55 artworks this month, with still one show to go! The photos show a small sampling of the works that have gone out.

If you are in Chicago or Austin, Texas in July, August or September (and in some cases, beyond), here are links to three of the four shows I’m in:

Raw Boundaries, KN Gallery, Chicago, Illinois: July 18 – August 23.

The Paper Show, Gallery Shoal Creek, Austin, Texas: August 8 – September 12

(I will be at an event in the gallery on Friday evening, September 5, and will give a talk about my work at the University of Texas on Monday, September 8th)

The Leaf and The Page, Illinois State Museum Gallery,

The Thompson Center, Chicago: August 25, 2008 – February 2, 2009

(This show will travel to other Illinois State Museum locations through 2010.  I’ll be showing with a few folks I haven’t seen in a long while, so this will be a lot of personal fun.  Come out to the reception on September 12!)

There will be a fourth show a bit later in September: Rock, Scissors, Paper at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center in Evanston, IL – but there is no link for that one yet, and I’m as yet unsure of the dates: I just know it’ll be mid-September through November.  Watch this space!  

And now, back to the crates, and the road.  See you in Wyoming!

Force and Duration, 2008.  Copyright Melissa Jay Craig, 2008. (Gallery Shoal Creek)


Incident, 2005.  Copyright Melissa Jay Craig, 2005 (KN Gallery)

(S)Edition, 2007-08.  Copyright Melissa Jay Craig, 2007-08.  Shown: 27 of 72 copies. (Illinois State Museum Gallery and Noyes Cultural Arts Center)

3 thoughts on “Art Infomercial!

  1. Four? Amazing, and here I thought I was doing good with being in three before November! Wish any one of them was going to fly me out to talk, but I’m stuck here….

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