West with the night (and all day)

Truth in advertising.

I am, finally, here at Jentel, near Sheridan, Wyoming, exactly two days and three hours late.  I wasn’t able to leave Chicago until 7pm yesterday, and got here in 24 hours, including a five hour stop in a motel in Albert Lea, Minnesota (only three of which were spent sleeping).  Jentel is utterly gorgeous, both in its setting, and indoors, where it’s just totally plush.  And the studio is nice and big.  The studio is unloaded, I’ve moved into my room and unpacked, have been fed and have had a shower and I feel almost human again; an extremely tired human.  So photos will have to wait, except for these two from the road.

How to tell you’re in the west (and good advice anywhere, actually and metaphorically):

This photo: overlooking the Missouri River on its east side, at a rest stop in Chamberlain, South Dakota; kind o’ where the west begins.  Moments later, I was driving over the bridge.

(Oooooh, a big huge bolt of lightning and LOUD crack of thunder just now, out there in the dark. It appears that my late arrival was timelier than I thought).

3 thoughts on “West with the night (and all day)

  1. YAY!!!!! Welcome to Jentel!!!! Can’t wait to see how things unfold there for you. I wish I could get a month there right now. Or something comparable.

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