Documenting the UnDocumentable

Hazy view of the Big Horn mountains from the ‘front yard’.

OK, I’m going to try to show you a bit of Jentel.  It’s almost impossible to document.  The grounds are multileveled and beautifully landscaped, with plantings and trees, enormous rocks, huge petrified logs, antique ranch equipment and animal bones abounding.  The interior of the main residence is kinda crazed, all odd angles and halls and nooks, and it’s packed with stuff: huge, um, ‘exuberant’ abstract works, shiny new fittings contrasted with distressed odd antique cupboards and converted furniture, overstuffed chairs, benches, gigantic pottery, lamps, books, baskets, sculptures. (I keep thinking Architectural Digest, 1980s).  It’s comfortable, posh (luxurious, even), and totally well-equipped, but not even I, who pride myself on my ability to decipher such things, can imagine the overhead floor plan…though that’s a personal goal.

There are some spectacular views on the way to Sheridan; it’s something like 25 miles to go get groceries.  I couldn’t get shots on the way there, because, though the day was sunny, I suddenly heard (without hearing aids) a really loud WHAM! on the roof of my car, then another and anotherandanother, then a million…it was a freak hailstorm, followed by heavy rain, followed by sun.  I’ve got new dents on the roof and hood of my car.  On the way back, I wanted to get to our (gravel) road before it got dark, to make sure I could find my way.  But I’ll be going back tomorrow, because I need some studio setup stuff, and Home Depot closes a full three hours earlier here than those in the east and midwest.

I’ve met four of the five other residents, and three of the staff folks, and everyone seems great: friendly, helpful and above all, very happy to be here.  So am I. 

What you can see of the main building (the residents’ living space) from the front, and the back, below (shot from the studio building doorway).  The hills behind it go on for miles and miles and miles, and they’re called the Snake Hills, for what I’m told are obvious reasons.










The writer’s building, top, and the front of the artists’ studios, bottom.  The studio shot is deceptive. The building goes pretty far back; you just can’t see it from this view. There are four  huge studios in here, plus a full kitchen, a dining area and a bathroom.

Part of the 1000 acres we can wander (wearing flourescent orange vests).


The kitchen, top, and the main living and dining area, bottom, shot from the staircase (below). And: where I sleep – with my eyes closed!