Moving Along…

The Big Horns in context from the front yard (no zoom lens). Talk about big sky…

Sunday: I took a break between getting the studio set up and beginning to make paper, and had lunch out on the front patio.  It was overcast and breezy, but suddenly the Cloud Peaks, just barely visible in the haze, were spectacularly illuminated by the sun appearing somewhere to the west. The snow was a bright blinding white, the peaks in sharp relief.  In the time it took to think of going back to the studio for my camera, they faded again.

Monday: My test sheets worked! I took my life into my hands because I had no time to make anything other than wet tests before I left.  (Well, not really, because I could have scrapped working on (S)Edition in favor of all new work). But though the paper is slightly grainier than the last batch, it’s of acceptable shrinkage and color to keep working on (S)Edition for the first week or so.  I do have to make yet another trip into Sheridan, because somehow, I packed the wrong size su for my larger deckle box (sigh).  However, the studio things are now in motion. I can make the (S)Edition “stems” with the smaller sheets, though it means pouring a few extra. I’m going to hold off a Sheridan trip for a few days while I figure out things about the first new piece (such as: Which is the best one to start with here? What can I build with the available tools and what will I need to build it?) and then I can make tests and hopefully go get all the extra materials in one swell fifty-mile-total foop.  In the meantime, today I’m testing the possibility of taking advantage of the climate (below) and making more sheets.

Three of the residents, Nina, Ravi and Andres went to a small-town rodeo on Saturday and had some interesting observations and experiences.  I had considered going myself, because one of the featured events was “chicken roping” and I was mightily curious about that, but I needed the Sheridan Home Depot more.  Nina said it was an event for kids, and that they were amazingly skilled at lassoing…chickens.

4 thoughts on “Moving Along…

  1. One event (now sadly discontinued) at the Calgary Stampede was to outfit young boys and girls (6 to 8 years of age) with a helmet and faceguard and send them off riding sheep in what was called “mutton-busting.”

    As many of the sheep had a bad attitude, it was a howl!

    Unfortunately, since it (a) didn’t make money or (b) sell beer, it was promptly eliminated when the board decided that “non-profit” meant that they could make fistfulls of cash by exploiting tourist ideas about “the old west” so long as they spent it on building a big casino.

    But I digress….

    Glad to hear of your artistic success: that makes two of us! 🙂

  2. Ahh, land of the Great Bus Detour. I remember it well:

    Why the hell are we turning RIGHT? Vegas is LEFT!!!
    Ooh, look, a cow.
    How much freakin further is Laramie? I really gotta pee.
    Are we there yet?
    How big IS this bloody state, anyway?
    Ooh, look, a cow.
    Smoke ’em if ya got ’em, we’re headed for Utah.
    Ooh, look, yay, it’s Utah!

    As much of a fan as I am of big skies, wasn’t feelin’ it there.
    Why Oming? Why not, indeed.
    But I’m glad you’re enjoying it.
    Beats Parma, where I’m headed this morning…

    ps 2nd pic made me think: how much fun would it be to dangle (S)Edition stems off the arcade roof?

  3. this blog illuminates basic smith rule # 1 for taking pictures – ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CAMERA WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES be it shower, toilet, walking to work, or doing the laundrey. that’s why i buy only small foto critters that fit in my from jeans pocket.

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