Chicago Hand Bookbinders and Chicago In Seoul

Chicago Hand Bookbinders is a great and venerable organization for the book arts, for bookbinders, book artists and book people of all persuasions who are interested in the hand arts. I’ve belonged to the organization for many years, but my time, for the past twelve years, was insanely devoted to helping build a Center.  (I was asked to become president of CHB twice before, but didn’t feel that I had time to do it then.  I’m not all that sure I can do it now, because I’ve never done anything like this.)  But, regardless, I’ve become involved; it seems time for me to shift my focus and energies to the larger community.  So, please visit the site, and join us!  You don’t have to be from Chicago to belong…and to enter our exhibitions, and to help shape the future of the hand book arts!  We need you.

I have a fifth show announcement: Chicago In Seoul will be exhibited at The Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts in Chicago, concurrent with the Fifth International Book and Paper Arts Triennial, July 25 – September 12 (there is a closing reception on September 12, but I will be at the reception for The Leaf and The Page).  Chicago In Seoul is an exhibition of the books that were shown at this year’s Seoul Book Arts Fair by the students, alumni, faculty, staff and the lone Artist-In-Residence (moi) from the Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts MFA degree program at Columbia College.  You can see one of my books there, but much more importantly, you can see the prizewinning work of Joseph Lappie (who won the big shootin’ match – sorry, Wyoming is creeping into my writing), Brandon Graham, Kelly Parsell and Liz Wolf.  Congrats to them all!