I feel that I should write something, but there isn’t much to say.  I’m having to spend too much time dealing with yet another weird-year, frustrating situation in Chicago (entirely by e-mail), but don’t want to write about that yet, except to say that Paul may be elevated to sainthood for this one.  I’m just working here, trying to get the (S)Edition copies out of the way so I can begin exploring the new work.

I went to Sheridan on the weekly group shopping trip on Thursday, but took no photos.  Made a new su for the larger deckle box, from the only material I could find at (shudder) Wal-Mart; it took a half-day, but thankfully, the thing works.

Left: what I was looking for; Right: what I found. It actually drains quite well. (Whew!)

Yesterday, while I did laundry, Jen, Nina, Andres and Ravi climbed to the top of the hill behind the studios, wearing their orange vests and carrying big sticks to ward off snakes.  I wish I’d gone with them, but I’d just put a load into both the (fancy!) washer and dryer.  I spotted them and got a few shots while they were up there; they couldn’t see me.  Staying behind and documenting was good because they couldn’t tell which hill they were on from where they were.  And here they are.

What, you can’t see them?  They’re on the middle hill. OK, here’s a zoom shot:

On Tuesday, I’ll take a break for a bit; I’ve volunteered to be the driver.  Five of us are planning on going to a weekly all-girl rodeo in Buffalo.  I’ve been told by someone whose family comes from the area to go to the Occidental Hotel and have choke cherry daquiris, so we’ll do that too.  And now, back to work.

6 thoughts on “Quietly

  1. Yeah, the comments on this part of the project, since I made the first prototypes last June, have been, ummm… a lotta fun. These shapes have provided entertainment for folks on five residencies over the past year… but this version of my “prosthetics shop” will be shutting down shortly. The end of (S)Edition is in sight!
    (However, the new work may generate even more amusing forms…)

  2. ROFL! There’s been quite an active thread lately on Ravelry about “things you would never knit” — “body parts” are quite common….

    (I’m a member of the “never say never” squad: I’ll knit almost anything!) 🙂

  3. We had similar Wal-Mart issues…and I love the getting lots in the hills! I mean, not really, but I think it’s funny that it’s the case. Getting to the top is great. Have fun at the rodeo!!!

  4. What is a su and what is a deckle box? Inquiring mind wants to know.

    I wonder if I can post a photo in this comment. Gonna try:

    It’s of a post card you’d sent Smith a while back. We brought it back to Oaxaca with us. I really dig it.

    Enjoy the rest o yr residency!



  5. Your art is reflecting your weird year I think. Does it involve a male by any chance?

    Why are you in Wyoming?

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