Cookin’ With Gas (and Reading)

The all-girl rodeo was cancelled on Tuesday, so we postponed the trip into Buffalo as well.  Andres and I made a run into Sheridan instead, where I found the perfect substrate for the new piece.  I also took advantage of the time to crank out all the dyeing for (S)Edition, worked hard for a long day today, and now I’ve reached the ‘meanwhile’ stage.  Meaning: the next few work stages on (S)Edition will consist of short bursts then drying time, and meanwhile, while things are drying, I can work on the new piece.  The new piece has hold o’ my head. Since I’m absorbed in the studio, and don’t want to bore you with my total obsession, I’ll do something I never thought I’d do on Blahg…and bore you with a list of what I’ve been reading since the end of May:

Andrina and other stories: George MacKay Brown (short stories)

Crowdie and Cream: Finlay J. MacDonald (memoir, much better than its title suggests)

The Stornoway Way: Kevin MacNeil (novel – excellent. Well, I liked it. )

The Life and Death of St. Kilda: Tom Steel (nonfiction)

Social Intelligence: Daniel Goleman (nonfiction, very interesting)

The Wee Mad Road: Jack & Barbara Maloney (memoir – delightful)

Beside the Ocean of Time: George Mackay Brown (novel)

Soil and Soul – People Versus Corporate Power:  Alastair McIntosh (nonfiction – a difficult, powerful book – I recommend it highly!  Even when you think I’m crazy for doing it.  Just keep going.)

Free Food for Millionaires: Min Jin Lee (novel)

Market Street: Xiao Hong (memoir)*

Come To Me: Amy Bloom (short stories)*

Breath, Eyes, Memory: Edwidge Danticat (novel)*

The Book of Common Prayer: Joan Didion (novel)*

Currently re-reading:

The Hand – How Its Use Shapes The Brain, Language, and Human Culture: Frank R. Wilson (nonfiction, still excellent).

*in my room at Jentel



5 thoughts on “Cookin’ With Gas (and Reading)

  1. i LOVE the book list! two friends back in the states keep asking if i want any books and i keep saying, i’m SO out of the loop i don’t even know what i’d want to read (and barely have time to do it). i should just send them this post!

    hilarious that you say, even tho it’s non-fiction, it’s good! i used to ONLY read non-fiction.

  2. Well, that stinks about the rodeo: everyone should have a fix at some point over the summer.

    I’m seriously impressed at the reading list though: I simply don’t get through many books any more — and certainly not fiction — because I find that my attention span doesn’t hang in that long. If I have that sort of time to spare (hahahahahaha), I’m either knitting (hello, dishcloth collection!) or sipping on several wee drams….

  3. Smith: It’s expeeeeensive meat! (And very chewy).

    Aimee: Oh, I meant ‘still excellent’ the second time around!

    Linda: Almost all of my reading gets done at night, before sleep and often accompanied by the wee dram(s). It’s how I unwind. (Though two got read on the train from Inverness to Glasgow and on the flight back from Scotland).
    I have to say that Jentel has THE best ‘reading bed’ I’ve ever encountered. Four firm pillows for customizable support and a perfectly placed reading lamp. Ahhhh.

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