Two Steps Forward, One-and-a-Half Steps Back

I was hoping to be able to shout out the fact that I had finished making the final covers for (S)Edition.  I did indeed make them, and was planning to dye them today (though the pulp did seem a little strange, draining quickly).  This morning, I came in to find that they were unusable. The cover pulp, which was beaten for five hours, was comparable to abaca that had only been processed for perhaps an hour. The beater needs recalibrating, badly.  I also got this horoscope:

 “Problems with machines could have your nerves totally on edge.  Some of the problems you might be able to fix yourself, but at least one involves something that may have to be replaced. This might be the one you need the most right now! Think of it as a sign from the universe that you should do something else. That’s the only way to stay sane!”

Fortunately, I will have enough copies for the show; I brought previously made cover sheets for that (the ones I finished dyeing two days ago).  I just really want to finish the edition, so I planned to make as much of the paper for the final copies as I could while I was here. Foiled again.

My ‘something else’ was to cobble together a rack to dry out the remaining useless pulp, which I’ll recycle, along with the sheets.  I’m drying it so that I don’t have to keep it cool after I leave; I plan to take a few days of actual vacation. My nerves aren’t exactly on edge, but (S)Edition seems to be the canary in the coal mine for the beaters. I’ve lost a day of this residency, as well as two days at Ragdale, due to beater problems. Not good.

Of course, I should have tested the pulp before leaving. I’d have been a day later getting to Jentel, but I could have re-beat half of it in the Valley. Sigh. (Either way, it’s a day lost).

Six feet o’ underbeaten pulp.  Always remember: You Can Never Have Too Many Clamps.

Part Two: Kudos to Paul, now known as Saint Paul of the Rescues!

Chicago’s mainstream commercial galleries have never been very interested in my work.  But recently, I had work in a show in a fancy one; it got a nice wee review.  A few days after the opening, the gallery closed for good; somebody went bankrupt or some such thing.  Here in Wyoming, I got e-mail advising me to retrieve my work as soon as possible.  Great.  (Before the show, they had it picked up).  St. Paul, though still recovering from eye surgery, made a zillion phonecalls and arranged for a minivan cab, and brought my work home today.  Except for having to impose on him, and the fact that the gallery people are losing their jobs, this had its funny side, as in: I Go Mainstream; Mainstream Shuts Down.

What’s in your fridge?  Painting-in-progress by Jen M; Pulp (good and bad) by me, studio fridge.