Amazingly Not Propaganda

I always thought ‘O purple mountain’s majesty’ was poetic license, perverted to propaganda.  OK, so there isn’t a fruited plain, but purple mountains were actually there tonight.  I saw red light streaming through the trees in the studio window, and knew we had A Sunset, so I grabbed the camera and went out, to find this.  The purple effect faded fast, but O it was gorgeous, yes?

I am working hard and agonizingly slow, on one of my, um, brilliant ideas that has essentially turned me into an art slave.  “If it works it’ll be great!” and “I can do that in a couple of hours!” are my own perversion of poetic license, or rather something I’ve never learned to recognize as personal propaganda from The Voice In My Head; I’ve been at it two full days, and I still won’t finish tonight.  And now, back to it.  It really should be worth it…if it works.

Great Balls O’ Fire

(Oh, ps: if Blahg’s format is different, I haven’t changed it.  The same thing happened on some friends’ WordPress blog a couple days ago, for a couple days.  On theirs, when I commented, the proper format returned, and it seems to have returned permanently after two days or so, too).


I actually DID finish last night, at 1 am!  Now another few days before I know if it works…

4 thoughts on “Amazingly Not Propaganda

  1. Y’know, that’s the problem with “great ideas” — sometimes they magically flow, and then sometimes, um, the implementation stinks. 😦 Feh!

    (And then some days, you think you’ve unvented something that is so patently obvious, and you tell the originator of the light at the end of the tunnel that “I know someone else has done this already, but now I have too.”

    But the originator says “No one has said this to me before, and I think it’s about time someone did this: hurrah!” Or words to that effect.

    WTFDYDN, eh?)

  2. The light moves SO quickly there. Joana used to bring her camera and barely be able to catch the moments she wanted to – all at sunset/dusk. It’s too bad that we don’t all get to see purple mountains w/our own eyes when we are forced to learn that song.

  3. I can’t wait to see yr great idea.

    I love love love writing my own words, but yes – I can become a slave to what I wanted to write in the morning all day. I hate when I’m too obsessive because it impedes the long list of things I want to get done. On the other hand, obsession seems like real living, like I’m working from the core of my being or that I’ve tapped in to the divine.

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