Moseyin’ on out

I think this was Sunday night. I will really, really miss these incredible sunsets.

Well, it’s over.  Tomorrow we leave Jentel.  The studio’s empty, except for me and my MacBook, the car is loaded (and how) and I’m about to go to The Last Supper, which the lovely Jentel folks are making for us.  Two of us are gone already; Andres left last Sunday before I awoke (he left me a great note; it’s so fine to know good poets) and Robin took off this morning.  When I went into the residence last night to have dinner with everyone, they laughed, “Wow!  Melissa came out of the studio!” and so I explained about my reaction to Marilyn’s passing.  It’s been a great time here, otherwise, and this was a very fine, fun, companionable and understanding group of folks to be with.  This part of Wyoming has grown on me and I will re-apply here.  But, alas, we have to wait a couple of years before we can.

Tomorrow, I’m heading about 80 miles further north and west, taking a ‘scenic byway’ to go to the Medicine Wheel, which is, as far as I know, America’s only stone circle (I’m not counting CarHenge, built of upended cadillacs, somewhere in Oklahoma, I think).  It seems essential to see the Wheel after the visiting the stones on Orkney and Lewis.  Nina and I are having dinner and sharing a motel room in Sheridan for the night, then she’ll fly home and I will wend my way east, stopping at Devil’s Tower, in the Black Hills, the Badlands, and anywhere else I feel like stopping. I think, just for the hell of it, I’ll visit the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota.  Somehow, that seems a perfect last stop before I return to the Day Job for a time.

This is what I got done.  Some of the sheets on the platform in front of the (S)Edition copies were still a little damp, so I spread them out there while I disassembled the drying rack.  Somehow it reminded me a bit of Joseph Beuys.  There are enough text sheets for a little over half the remaining copies of (S)Edition.  The bottom photo is as far as the new piece got, physically.  It won’t look anything like this when it’s done; it’s 6 1/2 feet wide (shot from the studio ladder).

A little while ago.  We’ve been dined and wined and gifted with Jentel “completion certificates” – old Wyoming license plates with a silhouette of a cowboy on a bucking bronc.  Mine is gold and nicely beat up.  Nice.  Jen, who has been here before, got a lariat which should prove useful on the Manhattan subways.  In 90 minutes, we’re going out to watch a meteor shower.  Very nice.

(Andres, we toasted you tonight).

With all that went on, I forgot to say that the Paper Show at Gallery Shoal Creek opened on Friday. If you know anyone in Austin, Texas, send them on over, please!  I’m told it looks great.  The very nice gallery director got my tickets today; I’ll be at the gallery Friday evening, September 5th, in Austin all weekend, then speaking at the University of Texas and heading back to Chicago on Monday, September 8th.

4 thoughts on “Moseyin’ on out

  1. Geez, I wish you were heading north and a wee bit west instead of south and east — we’ve got sunsets, mountains, and inspiration emerging from every place you can imagine.

    (Um, and did I mention the cheap prices for single-malt Scotch?)


  2. You got so much done!! I saw the pic before the caption and thought, “is that what she got done there???” and sure enough, it was. Despite all the obstacles.

    You’re going to Texas! Wowee. Have a great trip back; safe travels! And all of us wanted to re-apply to Jentel, for sure.

  3. i’m gonna miss the gorgeous fotos. gonna have to look up Medicine Wheel – especially after the 5,000 year old stone circle we saw outside keswick england.

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