Back; Buzzed

Just checking in: I’m back in Chicago and whacked out on Vicodin again.  I had to have two root canals done at once this morning.  I do not recommend this.  

I knew someone who once was addicted to Vicodin; she went to her job, went out on the town, got lots done, said it made her feel energized, “up”, productive.  For me, it’s pleasant enough, but it also renders me completely useless.  I’ll take another in a moment or two to still the throbbing so I can sleep, but am switching to ibuprofen in the morning. Enough.

There is a big, fat, wildly varied list of Stuff That Must Be Done before the semester starts in twelve days (and I head to Austin in fifteen). The car’s unloaded, but I’m not unpacked, and the next five days are so fully scheduled that I’ll still be living out of my suitcase till Monday. 

Chicago, after Wyoming and the wide-open west, seems very cramped and damp.

(I reloaded the photos in the last blog, and they’re not cut off now.  Not sure why that happened, except that wireless does strange things when traveling; must have been something strange at that motel, besides what they called “coffee”).