…was late Thursday afternoon.  After a somewhat fruitless day of errands and appointments in the northern ‘burbs, I ended up at Ragdale for the annual Tone Road Ramblers concert.  It was great, and included a hilarious and excellent rap by all the guys (a capella, with amazing falsetto by Morgan Powell), written by percussionist Steve Butters and inspired by pharmaceutical television commercials, titled “On The Pharm”.  As I wrote last year, this is the only way I can really hear music.  And it’s always great music to hear, though you never know what to expect, which is why I love it.

I was actually there for a spot of thesis consultation with Amy, who won the annual school fellowship, which was also mightily enjoyable.  But I got the concert, got invited to dinner along with Audrey, who was also visiting (thanks, Linda!), had a surprise in that I knew three of the other residents as well, and got a personal tour of the almost-finished, totally fabulous new Meadow Studio. (Thanks, Jack). Finally, I went and hung out with the Ramblers for awhile and got home well after midnight.  So I got to have a sublime, if brief, August Ragdale fix, amid the craziness.

After a long e-mail morning dealing with a plethora of upcoming tasks, most of Friday afternoon was spent in Helmut Jahn’s huge State of Illinois building, installing 36 copies of (S)Edition in a lovely big space in the Illinois State Museum Gallery as part of The Leaf and The Page, which is an intriguing, excellent and huge show put together by Doug Stapleton.  It was great to finally see some of them up, with Doug’s expert lighting.

(S)Edition has a double debut this fall, split between The Leaf and The Page and Rock, Paper Scissors at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center in Evanston.  I can’t wait till I find a venue for all 99.


Yesterday, first corporeal re-entry into academe at the new grad student orientation, and a true re-entry into Chicago due to continued construction on the O’Hare el…it was a four-hour round trip augmented by jam-packed shuttle busses where the el line was closed (sigh).  Today, Chicago Hand Bookbinders, tomorrow, more meetings re: future possibilities, Tuesday, three faculty meetings, one interview…….and so it goes. I’m back in town.