Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday tooooo Meeeee!

I will be spending it teaching, and in long meetings re: the future, so any celebrations will take place this weekend.  I think I’ll appropriate Friday’s reception for the Leaf and the Page as one of them, at least privately.  I’m really looking forward to it!

The rest of my Austin trip was jam-packed with a bit too much to write about within today’s crammed schedule.  I did indeed see The Bats, and it was an incredible sight.  But, they were moving too fast and it was too dark to photograph – all I came up with were blurry streaks in the sky.  So, here’s a video for you.

The class talks at UT were excellent; very engaged students, great faculty folk too.  The flight home was delayed, but because of that, I got to see a sunset from above the clouds, and another un-photograph-able but fascinating spectacle: it was stormy near Chicago. Lightning from above is truly mesmerizing.

Last but not least, this is one of those “if today is your birthday” horoscopes.  I really like the last sentence, so true:

This year’s gift from the planets is even more courage. You have the inner gumption to scale unprecedented heights, reach the untouchable people and dive into what others are running away from. New people come into your life. Career changes favor you.

Many people find you attractive. You’re very private, but you’re also fascinating and witty. People sense you have a hidden, introspective side. You never shrink from a challenge because you’re courageous.  Socially, you’re attracted to characters.

5 thoughts on “09/09/08

  1. ROFL! Love the sign!

    The “if today is your birthday” horoscope in our paper reads:

    “Something you have been working on or months, maybe years, needs to be brought to a swift conclusion. It is more likely to work out well for you if you get other people involved too. You should know by now that you can’t do it all on your own.”

    Have a nice dinner when you get home, and a wee dram or three.

  2. Another successful orbit around the sun! I hope your future intergalactic travels find you as inspired (and inspiring) as your recent past. I’m wishing the best of everything for you and yours!

  3. I’m glad it all went well! And everything they say is true. About courage. And also, that some people eventually come around and see you for who you are.

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