Silence of the Slammed

I wish it were just procrastination.  But blahg entries are likely to be fewer and further between for the next eight months or so.  It just ain’t much of a life to write about right now, and that has me depressed (along with the crash of a future endeavor I’d hoped to be involved in; it took a nose-dive along with the economy.)  I had a nice e-mail from someone who bought one of my pieces, a work week dominated by feelings of futility, the crash, and today I’m shipping off two small works to San Francisco, show details to follow. There isn’t anything else to say at the moment; I’m in a purgatory period, and that’s that. 

5 thoughts on “Silence of the Slammed

  1. nice fotos.

    congrats on art selling and shipping.

    and remember, time’s fast and time’s short and time’s gone before you know it. i did 10.5 months in county jail for crimes against humanity – the sentence lasts forever but it’s over surprisingly quick. you can do your hard time. think of it as a bad performance piece or an s&m soap opera episode.

  2. haha! a bad performance piece. that’s a good one.

    it’s a bad time for most of the good people left on the planet, so you’re not alone. but i am hoping that there are at least glimmers of hope along the way.

  3. “Procrastination 101/Enroll Today”

    Um, thanks, but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow.

    Or maybe next week.

    Or after the election….

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