(Not Very) Retiring, and Bookish

Paul’s first official day of retirement was October 1st.  I made it to his party at work, or rather where he worked,  on Monday, but got there too late for all the speeches and great bad jokes (dang). It’s strange to be the non-spouse partner of an ol’ retired guy, especially since he’s a wee lad who’s three years younger than me.  I talked him into not setting his alarm clock last night, for what might well be the first time in 35 years. 

(Me, I’ll never be able to retire, I’ll only be able to decide when I’ve freakin’ had enough. Not long ago, three people I knew sat in a room and deliberately decided not to allow me to have a pension.  When I objected to this, one of them had the gall to say, “Oh, the pension’s not that good anyway.”  She, however, failed to clarify in any way how “bad pension” might be better than “jack shit”).

Whatever. Paul’s not actually retiring, either; he will still teach. He also has some other things lined up, and is planning some further future ventures.  Most Americans can’t really afford to retire anymore, especially in the current economic climate, even when their employers do acknowledge their contributions, past and present. But, he’s planning to enjoy the month of October off, and that’s just grand. So:

Congratulations, Paul!

I found and shot this in Austin, and I love it.  Yes, I will be using it as a book-object cover, at some point soon.

I shipped the work off to the San Francisco show; here’s the info:

The exhibition Bookish will open October 8 at 6pm.  It will be the launch event for ODC Theater’s festival of dance/performance works inspired by the written word entitled: Off Book, Stories that Move. The festival includes a collaboration with LitQuake, San Francisco’s premiere literary festival along with local and national dance/literary luminaries.

Curated by Julie Caffey, the Bookish exhibition will include steamroller prints provided by San Francisco’s Center for the Book, select artists from Chicago who make artwork inspired by the book, and selected work by CCA Graduate students.

ODC is in residence at Artaud Gallery and Loading Dock Theater, 450 Florida Street, San Francisco, CA, where the exhibition and performances will take place.

It’s great to be showing in San Francisco. The gallery space looks magnificent – 30 foot ceilings! – but I was only able to send two small works.  I’d love to do an installation in such a space.

5 thoughts on “(Not Very) Retiring, and Bookish

  1. Wow – congrats to Paul – I am semi-retired but trying to make money from creative endeavours, so I’m not *really* retired. Starting a web development business down here in Oaxaca as well.

    Seems I’m busier than I ever was when I had a 40 hour a week job. Good thing is I don’t have to commute!

  2. Happy retirement to Paul. Good thing, staying busy because he could turn into one of those cranky old lawn-tending guys who wear saggy bottom pants and yells at the neighborhood kids…heehee

    Ken and I both figure we’ll work until we croak cuz we took our “retirement” when we were younger. (his youth blows mine away on the irresponsible meter–he even did time in “college” for the same thing as smith, then again when there was that little thing with the hand grenades…)

    On the weekends, though, he wanders around the yard tending the lawn in his saggy-bottomed blue jeans and yells at kids coming up thru the park into our backyard on their atvs.

    by the way, walnuts abound

    you goin to san fran?

  3. Congrats to Paul — I always looked at “retirement” as quitting a job I didn’t like to do things I do like. In that sense, I’ve “retired” a few times…. 🙂

  4. congrats to youse both – for “retirement” and shows.

    i guess i’m retired. or was that dicarded? nope, has to be retired cuz i’m the one who quit.

    linus pauling in his book how to live longer says the number one stressful killer is your job.

  5. my sister was talking about how she looks forward to retirement and i was like, what? people get to do that?? i’ve never considered it a real possibility.

    YAY for sf!!! that is great. and ODC!!! they rock!!! i love them. so glad you get to be part of that.

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