Raining, not Pouring

Chicago has been and currently is dark, grey and wet.  I’m submerged in relentless, tediously exacting triviality, trying to drum up a semblance of (or at least the ability to project the appearance of) enthusiasm, waiting for the next actual and metaphoric glimpse of sunlight.  It will come, eventually.

If you’re having your own grey days, with time to escape, I’d like to direct you to Audrey Niffenegger’s “The Night Bookmobile”, a graphic novel currently being serialized in the London Guardian.  (Scroll down to May 31, open, click the magnifying glass, close the enlargement after reading, and click ‘next’ to read in sequence).

Events: Today is Doug Stapleton’s curator’s presentation at The Leaf and The Page.  Bookish opens tonight in San Francisco.  Saturday afternoon is the reception for Rock, Scissors, Paper. (Links to all at right).  And soon, it will stop raining.