October 31st is my New Year’s Eve, and fortunately not an on-campus work day; this was an exhausting week. I’m in a reflective mood, thinking of what a long strange time of extremes it’s been since I made a post of the same title. Though I’m still stuck in retrograde, still surrounded by the walls of ennui that have settled around me since September (making for some pretty dull blogs, I know), I’m quite pleased to find myself thinking almost exclusively of the high points.  I simply haven’t got the energy to go out to a couple of excellent Halloween parties, but tonight, when I have my annual ceremony, perhaps the negativity of The Year of the Weird can be put to rest, and I can take the richness of the high points into myself, and use that to walk through walls, toward the future.

Happy Halloween!


 Header: Some of the Calanais Stones, Isle of Lewis.  Carvings from gravestones in Inverness.


3 thoughts on “Samhainn

  1. I’m reminded of the chorus to Dougie Maclean’s “Rite of Passage”

    Oh you need that rite of passage before you can continue on
    That brave self-understanding you can lean your dreams upon
    You may want for children, you may crave for man and wife
    But you need that rite of passage to the summer of your life.

    Hae a wee dram for me, as I will for you.

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