New Year (in the blogosphere)

A fine installation view from The Leaf and The Page:

(Wow. Two blahgs in two days.)  My new year began early this morning, with the news that my work has been featured in a Brazilian fashion blog, in conjunction with the writer’s visit to The Leaf and The Page.  I don’t speak or read Portugese, but I’m reasonably certain that “adorei” means something good.  So, things continue to be weird, but also wonderful.  I can use a year of weird and wonderful.  So, I looked up “thank you” in Portugese: Obrigado!

(Paul handed out candy to our trick-or-treaters last night.  He said to a tiny, angelic little girl, in response to her fancy costume. “Oh, it’s a clown!”  She replied, “No! I’m a killer clown!”)