Merci, Monsieur Le Masked Avenger!

Three blogs in three days; how long can I keep this up?  But I had to say merci beaucoups to Marc-Antoine Audette, half of a Montreal comedy team known as the Masked Avengers, who put through a live, on-air call to Sarah Palin, telling her he was the French president.  It’s hysterically funny (he tells her, in French, that they should go kill baby seals together) as much as her ignorance is chilling. Don’t take my word for it: here’s a good descriptive article, and a transcript of the call.

Untitl’d and Untext’d, © Melissa Jay Craig, 1990s (aka here: Palin’s Brain)

2 thoughts on “Merci, Monsieur Le Masked Avenger!

  1. These guys are well known for their stunts, but Palin is certainly the highest-profile one they’ve tagged in awhile. For me, what was funniest — or more frightening, I’m not sure which — is that five minutes into the call, they had to tell her it was a joke.

    Geez, even Britney Spears figured them out as a hoax pretty quick….

  2. i loved reading the transcript before i ended up hearing snippets of it on the TV in a korean lunch place today while talking w/the head of a hanji company.

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