I’m still in shock.  No recounts, no voter fraud, no days of waiting. A clear and swift victory; and, yes: hope.  And I am actually, for the first time in a very, very long time, proud of this country tonight.


The Obama election night rally was held a very brief walk from where I work.  I took a few minutes between my class and a faculty/ staff meeting to check things out, watching the news crews and secret servicemen and the hundreds of extra police. But since I wasn’t a ticket holder, and it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near the rally (and can’t hear), I reluctantly decided I’d need to go home and resort to television (with captioning). All classes that began after 3pm were canceled, and the school’s buildings were locked down promptly at 6. I hung around for a good while, though, in the dark, mild evening, watching the crowds pour in, and just feeling the palpable, crackling energy of possibility, and of history being made.


obamartinis2  video1


4 thoughts on “YES!!!

  1. i’m w/you on ALL of that. shock, disbelief, pride. “like a knife,” as my korean teacher says (i remember that vocab!!). it was a night to revel in.

  2. now in 77 days we can begin washing the fascist republican scum off the white house, our country, and the constitution.

    then we can begin clamoring for a crimes against humanity trial for cheney bush rumsfeld rice gates et al.

  3. Um, well, I’m not as enthusiastic as everyone else: being President right now, frankly, is almost on par with being the dogcatcher when there’s a rabies epidemic.

    And as big as the Electoral College vote was, the popular vote wasn’t, and while I’m as thrilled as probably all of you that Elizabeth Dole got beat like a gong (and deservedly so, IMO), it has to be noted that Prop 8 in CA was successful (to ban gay marriage), and having a filibuster-proof House and President of the same party is often not a good thing.

    Personally, what I’d like to see in both our countries is the elimination of the first-past-the-post system, which is ultimately destructive in societies where there is a diversity of democratic opinion.

    Meanwhile, here in the Great White North, Our Glorious Leader (who truly is the spawn of hare-lipped, baby-eating, anti-arts fascists) has neither called Obama nor invited him to come up here on his first foreign visit, which is a traditional gesture between two countries who are each other’s most important trading partners.

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