Well, my friends aren’t pathetic…


…even if I’m feeling that I am.  My life has degenerated into the late-semester drudgery of not owning any of my own time.  Except (as always) when I’m directly involved with students, I’m either stuck in retrograde or busting my butt on trying to discover a hidden pathway to an unforeseeable future. Meanwhile, my present slides by, virtually unnoticed.

My ‘high points’ have become things like taking down the show in Evanston yesterday, and in so doing, getting to take Lake Shore Drive in to work from there, instead of I-90.  My simple pleasure in the change of view quickly smacked me in the face, as I realized just how freakin’ pathetic that was.  Hell, last week, it was playing with a cute puppy who visited work…I’m just grasping at anything outside the grinding, relentless, stagnant routine.


So, it’s good to get news from Friends Who Have Lives; it’s even better when good people get the recognition they deserve.  Rich Orloff’s off-off Broadway play has been getting rave reviews during its short initial run.  Funny As A Crutch is actually nine short plays about disability, and the five actor cast, who play multiple roles, are all talented disabled folk.

Here are some of those reviews: The NY Times, Back Stage, and my favorite at NYTheatre.com.

Rich’s decision to write these plays may explain why, in all the residencies I’ve had over the years, he is the one and only playwright (or screenwriter or librettist) who has ever asked me to participate in a reading of one of his works.  I loved doing it, and that play was so offbeat, poignant and kick-ass funny that if I were anywhere near Manhattan, I’d be in this audience in a heartbeat. If you’re there, go!  But do it quickly; the play closes on November 23.

And, Doug Stapleton got a lovely review in F magazine for The Leaf and the Page.  It’s rare for curators to get reviewed (unless they’re getting trashed) instead of the individual artworks, so this much-deserved bit of recognition is especially appreciated by this ‘curatee’.  

Even I got an unexpected mention in a recent article about the Jaffe Collection, which I suppose isn’t bad when the collection contains 12,000 books.  It was very nice, but not enough to shake me out of my current funk.  Maybe I need to check into getting a full-spectrum lamp, a new bottle of aged single malt, my own new puppy, a winning lottery ticket, or maybe an effective kick in the butt…but that can only come from someone who I don’t want to kick first.