4:09 pm

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…mercifully, there’s no faculty meeting today, so I began five entire days off, late last night.  There’s work to do, yes, loads of it, but it’s my work, for my future, on my time. Tomorrow, I will willingly journey to the suburbs for the annual Triptophan Fest with Paul’s family.


7:22 pm

This semester’s just…been…killing me (again, with the exception of my time with students, and a few other folks…you know who you are, I hope; I thank you so much for helping me through it).


7:28 pm

But, finally, I have come up with A Plan, or at least a plan on how to make a plan.

And that feels very, very good.



On an odd note, I joined Facebook two days ago, specifically to be able to become a member of a group that I think is very important.  The surprise is that I like it, in general, though I have to guard against it becoming (as one friend concisely put it) a timesuck. My only previous exposure to ‘social networking’ was looking at a couple of friends’ pages on MySpace, and being totally repelled by it; hence the surprise.  I also finally joined LinkedIn, though I haven’t had time yet to compile my profile…


8:19 pm

Wishing you all good days, good company and good eating tomorrow, whether you do the US Thanksgiving thang or not..

2 thoughts on “Thankfully

  1. i love the images!!! they are so specific to chicago commuting yet it feels just like commuting in seoul.

    hooray for the time off!!! funny you talk about joining sites – this morning i was just thinking about ditching a site. but it’s too much work so i’ll just get back to my to do list instead.

    happy time off!

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