Oh, at last, Something Good.

I am still sick and weak, though the fever broke last night.  But today, Paul listened to a static-y phone message for me and reported that, yes! the funding went through! I will be spending several weeks in the very sweet Studio Residency at Women’s Studio Workshop.

I was awarded the residency last June*, but it is a two-step process; first comes the artist selection, then the funding has to be approved.  In this case, it was the NEA, so I’ve been watching the economic chaos and the government bailouts with a rueful but entirely selfish eye.

This will be just grand; it will be the first time ever that I’ve had a residency with papermaking equipment, other than my own hand built Swiss-army guerilla stuff.  Imagine, beaters and a press right there!  O, bliss.

This news came in just the nick of time.  It’s been a crushing, grueling, completely discouraging time since I returned in September, and with this current illness, I had just scraped rock bottom.  Finally, I have something concrete to look forward to. And as a result, you will be able to read much more interesting blogs, I hope.


a wee bit o’ heaven

* I was on my residency in Catskill, looked up WSW and found that they were only 45 minutes away.  I e-mailed to see if I could come visit, and got a reply saying, “It’s incredible that you’re coming to visit, I was just getting ready to contact you. Congratulations!” 


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