Almost Ahhhhh (with snow)


Snow in theory, Snow in practice #1; #2 below.

I’m finally relatively human again.  This illness was really poorly timed, and it’s costing me the rest of my first week of break; I’ve got to go in to work tomorrow to begin taking care of everything I can that I missed, including long hours of packing up the office, a meeting, loading and moving the stuff that’s to come home, a massive stuff-from-the-office giveaway, trashing of the rest of it, and finally: beating fiber so I can finish the final copies of (S)Edition before I go back and have my life eaten again until May.

I set foot outside my door for the first time in six days today, and as soon as I did, a massive snowstorm began.  I only walked to Walgreens, but I had a perfect two-inch pile of snow on top of my head by the time I returned.  Paul had left to do some holiday shopping with a friend; they drove to the far northwest suburbs to escape the Cook County taxes.  They finished shopping at 3:30 and by that time the snow was so bad that it took over five hours for them to get home.  I had intended to actually cook dinner, an extremely rare occurrence, to thank him for actions above and beyond the call of duty while I was sick; he did the legwork for a couple of important applications that I’d have missed the deadlines for otherwise.  So, he gets a snow check.

None of that is news or even interesting, I realize, but I’m just feeling so glad not to be sick that I had to write something. I can’t wait to have this horrid moving stuff all done and to be home with my buckets o’ pulp for five weeks.  Then: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


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