7 thoughts on “Melissa has Left the Building

  1. yoiks.

    213b looks like a place where dubious experiments are conducted in a bad sci-fi movie.
    at least jail cells have their own toilet.

    Sorry, I feel your pain. I work in Cubicle Land, little rats in a maze (I even have the same overhead compartments)_. But my cubicle’s in a room that’s 3 blocks long and one block wide, not in a freakin closet. At least you don’t have to spend the whole day in there, that’d be inhumane treamtment.

    When you’re finally free you’ll feel even freer…how’s that?

  2. There’s one way in which a cubicle might actually be better – and that is access to open air, so that the searing chemical stench from all the synthetic materials could be dissipated.

  3. mjc- my heart just sank to see those pictures of your old office and then the one of your new office.

    there are no words to describe the feeling actually, just a deep sadness in my heart and frown on my face…that seems such a silly space for an artist; heck for any human…

    😦 – again I frown. and now I shake my head a bit in disbelief…

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