They’re There


The struggle to find things to write continues; this blogging is truly a strange phenomenon.  I’m busy, busy, busy, preoccupied physically and mentally with things I’d love to share with my friends but can’t, due to the public nature of this sort of communication, and the entrapment of my current affiliation with a highly corporate entity.  I’m not good with small talk and the Big Things are too fragile at the moment to be exposed.  So, is this communication at all?  Can I even maintain the Blahg ? 

I’m also dealing with some issues revealed by a recent health screening, manifestations of the physical effects of a prolonged exposure to a stressful, inhospitable environment. While I endeavor to educate myself on ways to heal the situation physically, psychically and intellectually (yes, in that order), I feel a certain empathy with the Illinois landscape I observed on our trip to the far northwestern ‘burbs on December 25th.






barn2 All that said, I’m feeling much better than this reads or looks.  Truly. 

6 thoughts on “They’re There

  1. I can relate to that — and that’s probably one reason why my blog posts are so scattered.

    Not that I don’t have anything to “say” but there are great swacks that either aren’t relevant to people who aren’t my close friends, or that deal with topics I’m not prepared to discuss in public.

    Unlike some folks I know, who think they have to spew their inner thoughts whenever (or however) they emerge, no matter how excremental.


    Just makes me want to dig out my hand-blown glass and pour a wee dram….

  2. I can relate w/what Linda said, after i blogged my last blog, theme:
    “just shut up” I stopped for much the same reasons.

    (may pick it up again, i dunno. you know i never could shut up for long.)

    i was thinking when you were sick that the stress wasn’t helping. It opens the door for all sort of bad juju to get in.

    had a terrible, stressful job with lying, backstabbing, cheating, investigated-by-the-government, two-faced company owners. One day I ran into Ernest Angley in the lobby (shudder) if that helps paint the picture (BTW, he is about 5 feet tall and looks amazingly shiny and plastic-Im convinced he’s animatronic).

    Before I finally got out of there, I was whacked out on all kindsa antidepressants, tranquilizers, drinking heavily, and suffering panic attacks. Was fine again only after I left and weaned myself off the chemical “treatments”

    stress bad.

    don’t let it getcha.

  3. If you will permit me the indulgence of retrospection:
    I can’t imagine you without anything blog-worthy, though perhaps not in the narrative vein. No place for satire? The fictional vignette? The literary equivalent of carving a desktop to matchsticks?
    As odious as your current situation may be, think of the contrast with Cle in the 80s. Cold comfort in a cold season perhaps, but surely you’re in a better place (though maybe not the one you set out for).
    I’ll trade you some shots of stark landscapes and collapsing farm buildings some time.
    Hope you’re getting well and better.

  4. I’ve just about run out of things to say on a blog as well. We haven’t visited any new places, I haven’t taken any pictures because I haven’t really seen anything new.

    Hope you have a happy new year – sorry to hear about physical manifestations of stress.

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