Ugh.  I am and have been slogging through the improvements in my upstairs studio/ bindery; the cheapo white shelving/ drawer unit that you see in the top photo is one of them.  It will replace the dresser on the right, which has to go so I can move a much-needed large drafting table in. Also being moved to accommodate that are the cutter (with the old drawing table as a new, better support for it), the nipping press, the Kwikprint with its stand and drawers of type. The studio’s an intricate puzzle box, and any addition to it requires a total make-over. Meanwhile, books and art from my old office are being moved in, up here and in my home office/ library on the first floor. Stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff, all stuffed into two jigsaw-puzzle type spaces.

As with the old work office, it’s the sorting that’s the worst.  I’m throwing a lot out, and planning a GIANT art-garage sale sometime during the warmer months. Too…much…stuff.  I’m a hermit while this is happening because it’s got to be done by the time I head back into the semester.  Because of that, I am sooo looking forward to a friend’s bash this weekend.  And then, back to it, and (finally) back to the art.

Still, the sorting, while essentially making room for the future, is an amusing trip through my past as well.  I don’t generally keep non-digital photos around, but I ran across these, and scanned them.  Kind of a hoot:


19 (gulp) 50s


1970s (with my sister, Laurie)