The Hermit’s Nine Days


I finally, finally finished my gorgeous ‘new’ upstairs studio/ bindery last night.  It took nine days, though those days also included working hard on some time-consuming apps and some highly unwelcome e-intrusions, with attendant emotional baggage.  There was also a day when I got completely knocked out by citra-solv fumes; I was rendered useless. It was necessary to soften and scrape years of ancient adhesive and tape off of the now-gorgeous drafting table top;  two entire yogurt cups filled with sticky sludge. Bleah!

All my teaching stuff is now fully incorporated into my home studio stuff, except for two shelves of samples and some files that are in shared offices where I teach. (My first-floor home office is Another Story best left for later; that involves re-vamping the tech and another excruciating sorting process that will involve digitizing great quantities of material). For the first time in seventeen years, my teaching tool kit is even emptied; I will now select specific tools for certain days, and carry them in as needed.

Still to come in the bindery: repairing the slides for the large drawer on the drafting table and resolving a protective surface for the top, the arrival of a new drafting chair on wheels, and the fun of moving around and selecting the art for the walls, which I’ll keep for a day when I need a lift in mood.  But, I’ll begin working in here immediately, and it will never, ever be this clean and organized again, so I wanted to post photos.

I’ve been enjoying being a hermit and selfishly focusing on my own needs. I think that’s another reason I like residencies; my immediate social circle is mostly limited to the pleasure of getting to know a few fellow residents.  I feel absolutely no desire to go out, and even (OK, slightly guiltily) missed two lovely annual parties…but those were also the citra-solv day, and the day after.

Now, back to three more I–want-these apps, and (S)Edition.  I’m ready for them all. What I’m not ready for is to have this all end in 12 more days.

Here’s my virtual circular tour: