Frozen Trivialities


Neighbor performing time-honored winter ritual

I am in Application Land, crankin’ ‘em out. They still take forever, always longer than I want, and I wish to hell some sort of image standardization could be implemented for the residencies, at least. (Though happily, and finally, this is the first year on record I have been able to send digital images everywhere; last year, there were still places that required slides). But everyone wants different formatting, different numbers of images; today, yet another PowerPoint…

Chicago was -5 Fahrenheit, with a -40 degree windchill yesterday (-12 overnight); yep, I was out in it, getting stuff printed and mailed by the mid-month postmark deadline. It’s better today (+8). I’m trying to wrap these up in time for tomorrow’s balmy 26 degrees, when I can comfortably return to my way-too-freakin’-cold-right-now basement studio.

So, being still so self-involved, and having nothing interesting to update Blahg with, I remembered how much I used to like reading Smith’s lists of the weird search engine terms people used to find his web site. I don’t have the capability to see those on my site, but I can here. By far, most people are actually looking for me, and secondarily for specific subjects I’ve written about. They’re nowhere near as funny as Smith’s, but here are some of the odder phrases people have used to find Blahg in the past few months:

  • Trees on hills
  • cross ness
  • Riverness
  • trains mist
  • train mist
  • mist train
  • Missour forests
  • Farm Land flickr
  • fun alcoholic
  • Art of a Bard
  • De Composed Art
  • Small and Narrow galley kitchens
  • Lewsi isalnd Scotalnd
  • What is Oddiology?
  • crinkle for church windows
  • Badlands Wow
  • oakey jay and melissa …….and my favorite:
  • my virgin won’t work