So It Goes


I’m a zombie. I’ve just spent the last two and a half days glued to my computer, preparing for the semester that begins Monday (coordinating guest artists, events, writing syllabae, setting up multiple meetings, building new course web sites, adding new info, making new handouts; the last time I taught my spring classes was 2007, so a lot of updating was required).  In addition, I’ve been finishing an app and the paperwork for an upcoming show and residency, booking plane tickets for a visiting artist spot in March.  My butt actually hurts from sitting (and has probably spread a few more inches as well). But, I’m essentially done, except for one class that will be finalized in meetings. So what am I doing now that I can take a break?

Oh, well, it’s too late at night to begin anything else, and I wanted to post a blog, so that I can have tomorrow, my final free day, for me. After running to a Kinko’s in the morning to print out the app and paperwork,  and dropping those into the FedEx box (I still haven’t gotten a new printer, mine is dead), I’ll take some apples that have gotten too soft to the forest preserve for my deer friends, and then the rest of the day, I’ll be in the studio.

Here’s a nice link, if you have a printer.  Have fun with this, and maybe some good or at least interesting things will occur that I can actually blog about while I’m in the void for the next sixteen weeks.  Maybe.

Now I’m going to sleep and spend tomorrow clearing my head, trying to make things all lush, peaceful and calm in there, hoping to keep them that way.


2 thoughts on “So It Goes

  1. already that time again??? the lack of a printer makes things hard…i’m feeling that a lot as i decide whether or not to apply to certain things this time around.

    enjoy the break! as fleeting as it is.

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