I Show…Don’t Know

How very odd.  I have work in what looks like a very nice show at the University of Central Florida.  It opened in January.  I got an e-mail today from someone I’d met briefly on a residency, who said he was pleased to see my work again, and he chided me a bit for not sending him an invitation.  But, I had absolutely no idea!

I googled it; I’m not included in the images on the show’s web page, but then I saw this image flash by from a Flickr photostream of the opening.

The curators have borrowed the large earlier work from the Jaffe collection in Florida, but it looks like there are two.  No idea where the second one came from, or even which piece it is; I can’t quite see it in any of the photos.  So, I can happily add the show to my exhibition list, but it does seem a wee bit strange not to have been notified in some way.

I do always tell my students that once your work leaves your studio, it’s out there forming relationships of its own; now I have an appropriate anecdote to illustrate that point.


This isn’t the piece in the show, but it’s one of three from that time period.

(Now, I’m off to enjoy a gorgeous sunny false spring: 51 degrees in Chicago today!  The Forest Preserve deer need me.)