Blah Non Blahg


There’ve been no blogs ‘cuz there’s nothing to write. But, there’s a difference: unlike previous non-blogs last semester, where there was a lot happening that I was wrestling mightily with but couldn’t write about, now, there’s just nothing to write about.  I’m busy, phenomenally so, but school is school is school and goes something like this: e-mail, breakfast, e-mail, shower, e-mail, get dressed, pack up, commute, meeting, meeting, meeting, class, meeting, meeting, meeting, class prep, meeting, meeting, commute, e-mail, partially unpack, dinner, e-mail.  That doesn’t include the re-scheduling and the re-working of things that were finished but must now be altered, which amounts to oh, I’d say about a third to two-thirds of my efforts on any given day, so much so that that is now routine. Every Friday the entire day is taken up by work e-mail to wrap up the week and to get things moving for next week, and/or generating Written Things for work, but mostly e-mail, eight to ten hours of it. Yawn.

We’re sticking close to home because of the ongoing medical situation with our elder, so unless things come to the inbox or mailbox, it’s simply a dull time; all work and only private, quiet play.  When we go out to the burbs to the hospital or nursing home, we make a point of stopping somewhere nice for dinner on the way back.  Likewise, I’m keeping up with my day of artwork each week, and, so far, I’m successfully implementing other unremarkable but effective stress-relieving strategies as well.

I’m like all the plants busily but quietly working underground on the next fine season of growth. It’ll be spectacular when it gets here but there’s nothing to see right now.