(S)Editious Sundays (art brain noise)


I’m getting excited; I can finally see the end of (S)Edition, which has taken me waaaaay longer than I ever anticipated, most of that directly due to the extreme turmoil of 2008.  Today, I began finishing the covers, which will let me begin spending whatever small increments of time I can cull from my non-life binding the final copies…starting tomorrow!  The ‘stems’ will be the problem, as each one involves a several-hour time commitment; once I begin one of those, it’s got to be made non-stop, start to finish.  But, if I can work on the bindings a bit each day, I can spend my studio day and one day a weekend on those, crank out at least four a week…and finish, finish, finish this.

Of course, right when I hit this confident stride, this weekend brings my one-credit class; some of us who team-taught a course last semester were required to offer a short intensive class this semester. I’ll spend six hours teaching on Friday and again on Saturday, and another three wrapping the class up in early March.  But even so, I’ll be able to make visible progress, even if it’s just getting a pair of folios or two bound or shaped per day.

There’s no external deadline for (S)Edition; I can’t exhibit the edition as a whole till February 2010, since 24 copies will be out with The Leaf and The Page in two Illinois State Museums till then.  But I need them finished, to clear my consciousness for the next works: first, a book that’s been nagging to be made (and has a two-year exhibit waiting for it)…and then I’ll finally, finally move on to the new series that’s existed only as sketches and a partially-built piece since last summer, except in my active dreams.

I am searching for a 2010 venue for (S)Edition, and I would love to see it in an alternative to the gallery; I would love to see all 99 copies installed in a working library, for instance. Any ideas, anyone?  

And getting to the end of this long, long project has me thinking: Yeah, you can knock me down, you can kick the breath out of me while I’m down there, and you have, but…you…cannot…stop…me, not for long. 


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