Boxes and Outside Them


Above is where (S)Edition got left at the beginning of an insanely busy week; 15 covers done, no binding yet, and a bit of a setback; I left some sheets for making stems sit too long, and found them moldy and stinky on Tuesday (sigh).  The week was so grueling in ways I won’t talk about that I came home as sore as if I’d been physically beaten with a lead pipe, and actually wept, twice, something that’s unbelievably out of character.

So, it’s odd and lovely to have a lift in mood* while in the midst of teaching two additional six hour class sessions this weekend.  I’m teaching a boxmaking class, a combination of two of the first classes I ever taught after leaving grad school, and something I only teach now every couple of years.  I’m not the type of teacher who considers an occasional return to the basics to be a form of backsliding; rather, it’s a renewal, refreshing.  This is not to say I wouldn’t rather be in my own studio, or lazing around the house (something that probably won’t occur till the next batch of winter holidays), but, if I must be working elsewhere, this is markedly different than the bludgeoning energy I experienced during the regular work week; it’s pleasurable.

Almost to reward my shift in outlook, I came home tonight to find that I’ve gotten my second summer residency; I’ll tell you where when I have the dates firmly set and confirmed; it’s a nice story. And I heard from a long-lost friend I’ve been missing. All good…it might even help me through tomorrow’s predicted snowstorm.

* Truthfully, though, my mood had nowhere to go but up.