Eastern Summer


The Hudson, seen from the roof at Catwalk.

I’m going to have a fine summer.  From May 25 through July 4, I’ll be just a wee bit south of where I was in Catskill, NY, last June, at Women’s Studio Workshop. From July 15 through August 10, I’ll be at I-Park, in Connecticut.

Yep, I-Park is the place I had a not-so-great experience with last year.  But, with simple graciousness, they contacted me a few weeks ago, said that they had had to leave a few artists ‘on a sour note’ last year, that they had re-vamped their application process, and  invited me to reapply, with the application fee waived, for this summer.  I did, this year’s jury accepted me, and my residency is now “100%, written-in-stone, totally confirmed.”

I am so very happy this happened, not only because of the residency (though I am quite pleased about that; the place really appealed to me when I was searching for the best-for-me new residency experiences last year).  What I appreciate more than anything, though, is the very cordial and honest admission of a mistake, and the highly civilized attempt to make concrete amends, which I admired (and would have written about) even if I hadn’t been accepted.

In stark contrast to other situations, such simply considerate behavior is utterly refreshing, and faith-renewing.  I-Park is living up to the good things I’d heard from other residents, and I heartily commend them for it.


(You get two blahgs today; another one follows this.  I had this one written and ready to publish, then I got swamped by work and knocked down by yet another respiratory bug…somewhere in there, I wrote the next one…)

3 thoughts on “Eastern Summer

  1. HOORAY!!! that is FANTASTIC. maybe i’ll be able to see you in CT…I’ll be at Weir Farm from Aug 3-31. I am so glad the I-Park situation worked out for the best, in the end.

  2. I-Park sounds just incredible — the sort of place that would fit in with the sort of installation work I’ve been messing around lately. Nice of them to suck it up, admit their failure from last year, and move on.

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