The Blah-est of Blahgs


Unbelievably, I’m sick again.  I’ve just slept for almost all of the last 48 hours. This is one tough winter.  I started to feel bad (and to lose my voice) in class one week ago on Thursday night, began to feel decidedly wonky Friday afternoon, laid down for a nap, and woke up seven hours later.  Stayed awake just long enough for a brainless movie, and conked out again, and that was pretty much the program for the rest of the weekend.  Monday, I felt dragged out, but a bit better, so I thought I should go in to work.  Bad decision. I barely made it through my class, even though I had a great guest artist, so I didn’t have much to do, but I was fighting to do the little I did.  By Tuesday I had a raging fever again, and I went down hard. The worst of the fever’s finally over, but I’ll probably go to bed again after publishing this

Working in a public place, I am usually resigned to contracting some kind of bug once during a winter, but twice?  I very much wonder if it’s because I am taking the el again regularly, to save money. I’m trapped for two hours or more, six to eight times a week in rancid air in the bowels of the city, with rats, urine, gobs of spit…you get the idea.  I do know that when I was in grad school and had no car, I was sick a lot, and I only had a seven-stop commute back then.

Part of it is also my own fault.  I’ve let myself go since returning here in September. My rather stupid strategy has been: survive this year however you can. Extra chocolate?  Fine.  Go for it. Don’t want to think?  Maybe there’s another late movie on. So, my immune system is at rock bottom.


I have, however, gotten a boost which should make some things better for the rest of my time at school.  At the beginning of the year, when the faculty all suddenly sprouted identical, shiny brand new metallic PowerBooks, I was still left with the painfully slow eMac I’ve used for years (and in December, even that was moved to a building where I do not teach). The eMac’s been so outdated for so long, I’ve essentially been relying on the personal MacBook I bought for myself three years ago. Since the office move, I’ve been dumping everything on two thumb drives, and using whatever computer is free where I teach.  (And of course, I repeatedly forgot files, or needed ones from  past years, or, or, or).  I’ve been given an extra used laptop from the student cache. Tuesday, before the fever hit, I transferred some 1500 work files over to it, which made my own laptop very, very happy, when I deleted them.  Now the work laptop can move from building to building with me.  All I need to do is shake this illness, and hopefully the rest of the semester will go a bit more smoothly. As long as I grab the right computer on my way out the door…

(I’ve been writing this blog in wee bits since Sunday, and just found the energy to finish & post it.  Aren’t you glad? Good night…)